These Freckles Portraits are Spot On

In 2012, photographer Brock Elbank was playing in a weekend-league football match in Sydney when a spectator caught his eye. It was his teammate’s son, Eddie, 10 at the time, with “an incredible face full of freckles, like I’d never seen … Continue reading

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OMG, What’s a GMO?!

Confused by all the crazy labels you’re bombarded with at the store? Think you’re being healthy by buying “natural” peanut butter? Freaked out by GMOs, even though you have no clue what they are? Then check out my Cosmo story, … Continue reading

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A Medical Crisis Led Me to My Best Friend

So proud of this story: I interviewed three pairs of best friends, all of whom met via incredible medical circumstances. One pair met while they were both awaiting heart transplants at Northwestern; another came together through embryo adoption; the third … Continue reading

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Starting Over…

For Woman’s Day magazine, I had the pleasure of interviewing Mariela Shaker, an exceptionally talented Syrian violinist who escaped her country’s civil war and is now living – and thriving – in Chicago. Read the story here.

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I Gave Up Exclamation Points for a Week: Here’s What Happened

I recently texted my husband: “How does fish for dinner sound?” His response: “Sure.” I was puzzled. He loves seafood. I make a mean BBQ salmon. Why did he sound so lukewarm? As I responded, “Don’t you mean, ‘Sure!’?” I … Continue reading

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