The Sisterhood of the C-Section Scar

Depending on who you ask, photographer Helen Aller’s photo of a newborn nestled just beneath his mother’s C-section scar is provocative, beautiful, unappealing or an example of social media over-share. The image, uploaded to Facebook on August 11, has gone viral, so far garnering … Continue reading

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Rapunzel Goes to Medical School

“PLAY ARIEL!” our 3-year-old scream-demands from her car seat as I drive her to preschool three mornings a week. “The story, not the song, please!” So I press play—she did say please, after all—fast forward to Track 5 and allow the … Continue reading

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When I was in my early 20s, I fell asleep in a hotel room after a night of celebrating at my then-boyfriend’s annual medical school ball. I woke up about an hour later with a strange man straddling my hips, … Continue reading

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What Brave Girls Want

By the time Melissa Atkins Wardy’s daughter celebrated her seventh birthday, the gender stereotype crusader and author of the forthcoming Redefining Girly: How Parents Can Fight the Stereotyping and Sexualizing of Girlhood, Birth to Tween had (proudly, purposefully) yet to buy … Continue reading

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Can’t Bombshells have scars, too?

As I was reading a story about Victoria’s Secret model Josie Maran splashing around the ocean with “her little water baby,” Indi, I scrolled through the images (I’m a sucker for a naked bambino), and saw this:         … Continue reading

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