Barbie VS Lammily

You’ve heard it before: It Barbie were real, she wouldn’t be able to walk, she’d only have half of her intestines, her head would be wider than her pelvis, etc, etc. But do little girls want to play with a fuller-figured doll? That’s one of the questions people are asking about the Lammily doll, a “real woman” Barbie that has been creating using the CDC’s measurements for the average American woman. I was invited to speak on WGN TV this morning (it was at 5:45AM so you are excused if you didn’t happen to catch it.) Luckily, my DVR was awake – here is the clip.

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One Response to Barbie VS Lammily

  1. bdaiss says:

    I have less concern over a dolls shape than over the representation. I want my daughter playing with dolls that can DO. If Lammily is wearing the same not-appropriate for kids clothes and up to there high heels? I’m still not buying it. (Don’t get me started on Monster High and the like…)

    That being said, I’d rather put my money behind a “real life” doll that looks like my daughter than one that looks photoshopped within an inch of her life. Those messages are taken to heart even subconsciously.

    PS – Yay WGN! I miss you Chi-town.

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