Has Breastfeeding Jumped the Shark?

Hell, no.

Breastfeeding is everywhere these days. It seems you can’t swing a nipple shield without hitting a headline about a mom being shamed for nursing her baby in public; Alyssa Milano is tweeting about her milk being confiscated at Heathrow Airport while Olivia Wilde poses with her newborn son, Otis, in Glamour; a hauntingly moving image of a post-mastectomy mom nursing her newborn went absolutely viral; and Kourtney Kardashian posted this kickass “After the show it’s the after party” shot of her pumping in a Vegas hotel room:





And then there’s the rise of the brelfies. A Who’s Who of celeb moms have shared pictures of themselves breastfeeding their little ones, including Gwen StefaniPinkJulie Bowen (impressively tandem nursing twins) and basically the entire lineup of Victoria’s Secret models. (Doutzen Kroes just posted this one of her feeding 10-month-old daughter Myllena, garnering 92k ‘likes’ and counting.)

When Time published a photo of Jamie Lynne Grumet nursing her 3-year-old son on its cover in 2012, along with the somewhat incendiary headline, “Are You Mom Enough?” it ignited a blaze of controversy. Attachment parenting and extended breastfeeding advocates applauded; others cried foul at the thought of a preschooler still drinking milk straight from the source. A year later, Gisele fueled the fire with a glam-squad image of her simultaneously breastfeeding, having her hair styled, nails manicured and makeup applied. “Supermom!” some women hailed. “Unrealistic!” plenty of other moms cried. “That’s not what normal breastfeeding looks like.”

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