Help! I’m a mono-eater

My daily snack stash?

Virtually every morning of my pregnancy, I performed the following gastronomic song and dance: Woke up, semi-sleptwalked into our kitchen, opened the giant plastic baggie on the counter which housed a luscious, doughy two-pound raisin challah (one of my only real cravings), tore off a chunk, microwaved it for 11 seconds and attacked its yeasty-sweet goodness like a carb-rabid raccoon. The habit stuck and, now five months after giving birth, I’m still indulging in that eggy bread goodness on a near daily basis.

But the other day, I read a new study linking trans fats in utero to childhood obesity and I panicked. “Oh shit,” I panicked. “Is my challah baked with trans fat?” I ate it every day of my pregnancy; had my predilection for synagogue cuisine doomed Evie to a lifetime of teasing and plus sized Girl Scouts uniforms and early onset kindergarten diabetes?!”

The fact is, it’s not the healthiest idea to eat any food every single day. A nutritious diet is a diverse diet, which offers you the best odds of nabbing all of your vitamins and minerals while preventing boredom and reducing exposure to anything nasty that might be hiding (arsenic in your apple juice, anyone?) Well, if there’s some gross chemical smuggling in my Smucker’s peanut butter, or pesky pesticides lurking in my organic CostCo spinach, I’m screwed. The fact is, I eat basically the exact same thing every day. It’s called mono-eating, I read about it in Redbook magazine, and it’s no bueno.

Here’s what I eat on 80% of days:

Oatmeal with dried cherries, brown sugar and flaxseed OR low-fat granola with a banana and skim milk

Fruit (usually watermelon, pineapple, mangoes, organic berries, grapefruit or organic apples)

Starbucks Americano with two sugars and organic skim

A bag of walnuts or almonds (maybe two handfuls) with dried cherries

2% Greek yogurt

Chocolate of some sort (maybe a bunch of choco-covered raisins and nuts; M&Ms; frozen birthday cake)

A couple of hardboiled egg whites with a bit of yolk crumbled in

Peanut butter and jelly straight from the jar

An avocado mashed with salt and pepper and pita chips or celery sticks

A huge organic spinach salad with wild salmon and assorted veggies

Vanilla ice cream with big chunks of Nestle cookie dough piled in.

As you can see, it’s pretty healthy, not spartan at all, and has a few indulgences sprinkled in. But this is pretty much it. Sure, when we have a double date on Saturday night, my stomach will be surprised by some sushi or zuppe de pesce or bacon-wrapped dates. I’ll drink some wine; I’ll have extra dessert. At Sunday brunch, I go wild with an egg white veggie omelette slathered in ketchup and a few pancakes. Sometimes, on Tuesdays when I’m feeling adventurous, I’ll make panko-crusted chicken or tilapia burritos instead of salmon. But truly, this list is pretty much what I eat day in and day out.  It’s not like I’m at risk of scurvy or Pellagra (look it up) or anything, but diverse it ain’t. Total mono-eater.

How about you? Are you a mono-eater?


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9 Responses to Help! I’m a mono-eater

  1. charlotte says:

    I’m a mono-eater too (usually I go on food jags where I eat the same thing over and over until I’m sick of it.) but the research is actually pretty good on this front. They actually say that sticking to the same foods can help you not overeat but it’s also the variety of diet over a period of time (not just day to day) that is the real help. So I say don’t worry about your food jags, it probably all evens out in the end! PS. I HEART challah!
    charlotte recently posted..Science Behind the Binge: The Fat-Salt-Sugar Food Trap [Do you have a trigger food?]

  2. CAM says:

    Mono-eating helps me a lot when I’m trying to lose a little weight. I usually have a really big salad for lunch and a smaller one with dinner. I try to throw in something different every day: strawberries or yellow peppers or walnuts or leftover veggies or protein. Almost anything can go in a salad.

  3. Julie says:

    I am pretty much the same way during the daytime, suppers are more unpredictable. I find it helps me lose weight more easily if I can just stay on autopilot most of the day (I’ve lost about 40 lbs, want to lose 40 more). I’m just not one of those people who likes to spend a lot of time planning and preparing meals. Plus, it just seems like it’s not as expensive at the store and my fresh food is not as likely to go bad before I eat it all.

    Every once in a while I’ll get sick of something or another and change it for something else, so my diet does tend to evolve over time.

  4. Jenny Kier says:

    I am a mono eater as well. I love to eat healthy foods most especially when I was pregnant.
    Jenny Kier recently posted..Sex : How to Improve your Sexual Performance

  5. bdaiss says:

    Well, I’m odd man out I guess. Besides my Monday through Friday breakfast (piece of fruit, homemade granola bar) I am a total foodie and change it up daily, weekly, and seasonally. Plus I’m determined to get my kids to eat a variety and not just a few main-stays. (My kids adore steak, salmon, pesto, a wide variety of nuts, and all vegetables, to name a few traditionally kid-averse ingredients. Although asparagus is their favorite, always met with a resounding chorus of “stinky pee!”)

  6. Sophie says:

    This may be an incredibly dumb question… But how do you do hard boiled egg whites? Do you just remove some of the yolk post-cooking?

  7. Aric Jorgan says:

    I think we all suffer from this at one point in our lives.. it’s just a craving that we want to satisfy and we go on until we actually don’t crave for it anymore … I used to suffer from this and it automatically goes away once i get used to eating the same thing
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