This is your face on motherhood

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Yes, I allowed Parents Magazine to publish the photo of me for millions to see. Yes, I am brave. The story is getting terrific reception on Facebook – almost 3,000 Likes and 320+ shares in the past few days alone. Here’s a teaser, plus a link to the full piece:

Just before turning 7 months old, our little girl—normally a champion sleeper—revolted, suddenly adopting the nocturnal habits of a grandpa with an irritable prostate: waking up multiple times a night, and peeing all over the place. One day while she slept on my shoulder, I got a text from my friend Ali: “Is now a good time to chat?” I held my phone up to snap a pic of the babe and me, to wordlessly convey my Occupied status. The look I was going for: serene, soft-focused mother-and-child selfie—the kind that Victoria’s Secret models post to Instagram.

What I got: Beetlejuice, only less rested and with bigger boobs. The circles under my eyes were cavernous; my scalp was playing peekaboo through my hairline. If my skin tone were a crayon, its name would be Pallor. I looked like a lactating Steve Buscemi.

Most women would hit the Delete button faster than your teenage barista can judge you for the two pancake-size milk splotches on your nursing tank. Not me. I hit “Send to Facebook,” along with the caption, “Isn’t new motherhood beautiful?”

Keep reading my essay in the August edition of Parents Magazine: What Motherhood Really Looks Like: One Mom Shows Her True “Selfie”

FYI Here's what I look like on a good day...









And my accompanying quiz - Do You Overshare on Social Media?




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