Giuliana Rancic on stroller hoarding; pasta; breast cancer

E! News anchor Giuliana Rancic owns 14 strollers and she’s not afraid to admit it. That’s just one fun tidbit I learned when I had the opportunity to interview the mom of one-year-old Edward Duke at Bright Pink FabFest 2013 in Chicago, an event dedicated to generating awareness surrounding breast and ovarian cancer in young women. (Rancic was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 36.)

I’ve always felt a bond with Giuliana because I, too, have a closet full of sparkly designer evening gowns we were both treated by the same IVF doctor, Brian Kaplan, MD. On her show, Giuliana & Bill, cameras chronicled their tortuous journey towards conception – a path my husband and I also traveled, though not televised – which included a stint at a fertility clinic I know all too well. When G and I sat down to chat, I learned we, like many moms, had a few other things in common, including the frozen Spongebob-shaped spinach cakes we feed our kids, our love of tall strollers, and more.  I only had five minute to speak with her before she jumped on stage to welcome the 550+ hot pink leggings- and tanks-clad FabFest attendees, so I asked her my quickest questions:

What are three words to describe the moment when you found out you were having a baby?

“Elation; indescribable; a dream.”

What’s you’re #1 baby registry must-have?

“A great stroller. I have 13, maybe 14. I’m a stroller hoarder. I have one for travel, running, grocery shopping. All different colors. Duke likes to be high up [and so I love] Stokki. Orbit, too.

Favorite food to feed Duke?

“He loves pasta – there’s a lot of pasta in our house, And those little spinach and sweet potato things you get at Whole Foods.” (Together, we figured out they were from the Dr. Praeger’s line; I’m guessing she is thinking of their Spinach Littles and Sweet Potato pancakes.)

Nice time to space two kids apart? (Reports say she and Bill are planning #2.)

“Two to two-and-a-half years. I wouldn’t do closer. Now he’s one and I’m finally getting the hang of it.”

I also asked her what she considers to be the worst part and the best part of being diagnosed with cancer while in the limelight? She told me the worst part is that “once you go public, even if you’re having a great day, you’re constantly reminded of it.” Fans and viewers were constantly approaching her with their own stories, which served as a never-ending reminder that she, too, was living with potential fatal disease. “But that’s also the best part,” she added. As people revealed their experiences, they would often add something along the lines of “I watched you on E! News and you helped entertain me while in treatment,” which reminded Giuliana of why she went public – to help spread awareness and education.



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  1. bdaiss says:

    And I thought I was bad with three strollers… :) Glad to have you back over here! One of us ought to be posting; so far it sure isn’t me.

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