How much is this gonna cost me, doc?

WHEN KERI GLICKSMAN took her family to the circus in 2013, she became the main attraction as she fell down a set of stairs, breaking her right ankle. Within a few days, she began experiencing a painful burning sensation in that leg. Fearing a blood clot, she called her orthopedist’s office. “The doctor on call wasn’t concerned,” says the 38-year-old mother of two, who lives near Chicago. “He said I could get an ultrasound if I wanted, but that it was very expensive. And since he didn’t seem worried, I figured why spend the money? With a $5,000 deductible, I would have been on the hook for nearly the whole thing.” Yet five days later, Glicksman was in the ER with chest pain and labored breathing; a blood clot had indeed traveled to her lungs, requiring her to spend a week in the ICU.

Keep reading my story in O: The Oprah Magazine, on comparison shopping for health care, here.

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