What to actually expect when you’re expecting

Belly high-five!

Eating for two; no caffeine; waiting three months after a miscarriage to try again…there’s a ton of misinformation out there surrounding pregnancy. My recent story in SELF magazine debunks a bunch of them. Take a look!

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  1. Georgina Matthews says:

    I’m sorry about your pregnancy misfortune, I know God will hear us and give us our desire. And we should visit regularly our doctor, especially when we are pregnant. It’s the most sensitive stage on our lives. Prevention is better than cure.
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  2. I hope for you next pregnancy, you will not be able to experience this horrible miscarriage. Thanks for sharing the link and I definitely visit it and read the content. I really learned a lot from this content.
    Alisson Evans recently posted..The Benefits of Taking Irvingia Gabonesis Supplements

  3. bdaiss says:

    Wee haw! Perfect score! : )
    (Is it just me, or are those first two comments kinda…strange? Did they read the article? Starts singing *spamspamspamspam*)

  4. Lindi Cates says:

    It is really stressful and depressing when undergoing on this miscarriage. So, it is very important for a woman who is experiencing miscarriage for the first time must need to be careful for the next time she will get pregnant.
    Lindi Cates recently posted..Looking for a Smile that will Entice a Partner

  5. Thanks for the link. I really got a lot of thoughts and ideas about miscarriage.
    Kimberly Sewell recently posted..Naturally Whiten Your Teeth For a Beautiful Picture

  6. Deana Stiles says:

    Most women nowadays engaging miscarriage and this is really a stressful and difficult time with them. So, women must need to read more info about miscarriage to avoid it next time.
    Deana Stiles recently posted..Rock Hard Erection: How to get it naturally?

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