Dear (Unretouched) Cindy Crawford

Dear (Unretouched) Cindy Crawford,

Thank you. From the bottom of my cellulite-dappled ass and my spider vein-mapped legs, thank you. Thank you for the Valentine’s Day gift you bestowed on millions of everyday women with your real—and really quite exquisite—Marie Claire photo. In it, you are a 6-foot-tall sex bomb, decked out in lacy black lingerie and blingy jewelry and a feathered coat that likely costs more than our mortgage. You have the cleavage of a 20-year-old and are owning that fedora.

You also have abs that are not bounce-a-quarter-off-them rock-hard. And your thighs are not as smooth as liquid latex.

And you look incredible.


See me discussing the photo on the Today Show

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2 Responses to Dear (Unretouched) Cindy Crawford

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