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Are transgender models good for women’s body image?

Victoria’s Secret models typically make women feel like something stuck to the bottom of one’s shoe after a quick spin around the public restroom of a major league baseball stadium. In our home, the catalog goes directly from the mailbox … Continue reading

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Barbie VS Lammily

You’ve heard it before: It Barbie were real, she wouldn’t be able to walk, she’d only have half of her intestines, her head would be wider than her pelvis, etc, etc. But do little girls want to play with a … Continue reading

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Kate’s post-baby bump photobomb

Baby Cambridge isn’t the only one who made a big debut on Tuesday. The 8lb 6oz fella appeared on the hospital steps along with his proud papa, his beaming mama…and her baby bump. Yes, people, ‘tis true: After women give … Continue reading

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Why I Love My C-Section Scar

As the mother to a 16-month-old little girl who was born through my belly, how could an article titled, “C-section scars banished with welding torch” not grab my attention? I clicked on it and learned about a new medical device that … Continue reading

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Ta-ta tattoos

Coming to a tattoo parlor near you: Tittoos, AKA nipple tattoos. Apparently, women have found yet another body part with which to be dissatisfied and, much like “vaginal rejuvenation” and labiaplasty allow us to nip and tuck our ladybits, we … Continue reading

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